Orange rockerverb 50

Rockerverb 50 doing about 50W with four 6V6s in the power section. Has clean and gain channel and reverb. Just getting some new power tubes since it was bought used and the power tubes seemed really old. Who wants to play or record with some old junky power tubes ??

Orange Rockerverb

Just when you think it has that whole one-big-PCB phenomenon going on fortunately it’s really two, you just can’t see the break because of the rainbow interconnect cable. Pots, jacks and tube sockets are all PCB mounted. Kind of a drag in some ways but it’s not some handmade boutique amp. It does seem at least pretty ruggedly built. PCB isn’t flimsy. Neither is the chassis or head case. That’s awesome. Sounds good. Here is the Orange Rockerverb 50 schematic if you want to look at it.