Sunn Sentura II

Sunn Sentura II I got from the venerable ENZO. I bought a few amps from him when he closed down his shop and this is one of them. He had a handful of awesome things that were abandoned by customers. Either estimates that were turned down because the cost was too high, or they never picked the items up, or something along those lines.

Sunn Sentura II chassis

A lot of these old Sunns are basically the same, some just add a feature or two such as tremolo, reverb, Hi and Lo boosts, etc. This one has tremolo and reverb however the tremolo does not work because the little SM-1 photocell unit has been robbed of its lamp. Sunn Sonaro in the background is basically the same amp but with no tremolo and reverb, and it has a solid state rectifier rather than tube rectifier like the Sentura II has.

Sunn Sentura II top chassis

Can’t see the whole thing in the pic but this one is labeled as being from 10/17/67. Has Hammond replacement PT. Does about 50W with two 12AX7s in the preamp, 6AN8 phase inverter and two KT88s in the power section. Reverb sounds nice.


Sunn Sentura II schematic