MJ dual showman full

Not sure of the true origins of this amp. It is a Mojotone kit but it’s in a Janice head case. Maybe Janice built it or maybe some unknown motherfucker built it and bought a Janice head case for it. If Janice operations are influenced by the Fibonacci Sequence I doubt they actually built it but who knows. Unfortunately it keeps breaking a lot. Kit amps are really hard to work on compared to production stuff where some company makes thousands of amps and has seen every failure mode possible, and their builds are adjusted as such. Kit amps tend to be a free for all oh boy.

MJ dual showman chassis

Inside the chassis it’s the wild west. Heater windings are shorting to other tube sockets because the stranded heater windings are frayed and soldered poorly, input jack wiring is not sheilded, there are no retainers on the power tube sockets so the upside down hanging tubes rattle loose, has a 3-prong AND a polarity switch, copied from old amps from back in the day but it should not be. Oh well it is a kit.

Mj dual showman caps

Worst offender is that one of the caps in B+ supply has a lead broken off and it is jankily re-soldered to the cap, making and breaking connection and intermittently causing problems. Oh well hope all these wrongs have been righted and it lasts for a while! Sounds nice when it works.