The flagship of the Magnatone line, Magnatone 480. Has two inputs for channels 1 and 2 and can be used with stereo or mono vibrato. Has two separate output sections with 12AU7 phase inverters, two 6973 power tubes per side in push/pull, and two output transformers.


All point to point with everything mounted to pots and jacks, tag strips, tube sockets, etc. Has those old varistors that give it that unique Magnatone vibrato. There are some awesome articles on it if you want to read up by R.G. Keen and Tim Robbins. Not really necessary to say much on these amps since there’s a boat load of info on the net everywhere. Just go to the magnatone amps site if you want.


The real Magnatone 480 schematic. This amp has a transistor. It is in the reverb recovery and actually needed to be replaced !! Had a nasty buzzing sound when you would turn up the reverb. Was missing the two phase inverter 12AU7s and needed some new power tubes, a good, good cleaning of all pots and jacks and it worked good. Someone wanted their dad’s old amp fixed up, cool.