Knight 93-320

Knight radio made by Allied Radio Corp. in Chicago. If you peruse the radiomuseum.org listing of Knight 93-320 it says it’s from “1948?”  This one was bought at an estate sale with no power tubes and no rectifier tube. It uses a 5U4GB and two 6L6s in push-pull for the output. Who knows when is the last time it was turned on so I brought it up on the variac and the light bulb limiter to limit possible smoke and burning. It actually worked. Pretty noisey but had some volume. This would be a great fixer-upper, however I didn’t do this because the owner just wanted some tubes and confirmation it worked so he could sell it as a fixer-upper. I adjusted the bias for the power tubes but that’s really it, other than cleaning the pots, jacks, and tube sockets. Oh and the AC cord was disintegrating so I replaced it.

Knight 93320

Cool image if you want to enjoy the rats nest. Awesome ground bus wire and old wax caps, and old domino caps. Wow, this thing is old. I wish I remembered to read the caps to see when it’s from, but I would guess it’s from sometime in the 1950s.


Stock image

Knight 93-320 schematic

Knight 93-320 schematic