Acoustic Model 165

Acoustic 165 from back in the day, probably early 80s. Some of the last Acoustics in production where they actually made tube amps, wow. This one is 100W with four 6L6GC. Someone put the front baffle on crooked and I didn’t straighten it because a lot of the hardware for the amp was lost (not by me) and any old screw that was around was used to keep it holdin together, and now I kind of regret it. Looks kind of junky in the picture. Has two channels with master volumes for each, tone stack is shared between both channels, reverb, 50W / 100W mode, graphic EQ, etc. Has just one 12″ speaker which is an EVM 12L.

Acoustic 165 chassis

Has lots of different brands of electrolytics — Nichicon, Ilinois Capacitor, Mallory, NTE, a Cornell Dubilier (CDE) that someone has probably used as a replacement somewhere along the way. The main PCB was missing a few screws to hold it in place and when the amp would vibrate it would stress wires that go from the PCB to the power amp in 1/4″ jack. When the connection would break, the amp would cut out occasionally since the signal from the preamp could not get to the output section. Also had a cracked solder connection on the volume pot making it crackle occasionally at high volume. Here is a link to the Acoustic 165 schematic on the lovely bmamps.com schematic database if you would like to peruse.