Mojotone kit amp I built that is the circuit of a tweed Fender Princeton. I photographed it next to this big saw because I almost wanted to cut it in half when I was done. The layout had the output transformer winding color code wrong and it would squeal badly, because the output transformer primary was wired backwards. Unfortunately this wasted some time. When I received the amp it had the tag board populated and the input jacks wired by the owner but then the amp was never finished. I had to trace through all the work I didn’t do only to find out the wiring diagram of the output transformer was the problem. Oh well, every kit has various errors in the build instructions it seems.


Mojotone Fender Prinecton, all 25 parts, or however many. Actually sounded pretty good when it was done. Has only two knobs — volume and tone. Let the good times roll.